KCHi there! I’m Kristin; Graphic Designer, wife and mommy to 3 lovely little girls. Together we make up Little Miss Kid Lit. My little ladies are 7, 5 and 2, and have always enjoyed going on reading adventures with me; bringing new sights, sounds and feelings right into our laps each time we pick up a new book.

The library and local book store happen to be our absolutely favorite place to get lost in, and the smell of a brand new book is pretty much heaven on earth, am I right? So it was only natural that we started this blog to document some of our fun finds and clever crafts to share with you!

Following along with us as we venture through books (old and new) and sweet little crafts and activities to go along with them. Even though my girls range in age, we’ll pretty much stick to reviewing picture books—because you’re never too old for a good picture book. I hope you enjoy our everyday adventures and get lost in the magic along the way.

“A little magic can take you a long way…” -Roald Dahl


Little Miss Kid Lit