Above and Below

I think we probably all agree that children are natural explorers, mine included! It seems like they’re always testing the boundaries and letting their imaginations run wild with assumptions about “what made that hole?” Or “how deep does that pond really go?”. There is so much to experience in this amazing world and many things we may not get the opportunity to see in our lifetime. Because of this, I’m so happy to have found such a charming book that highlights many of Mother Nature’s best achievements.


Flip through each page to see magnificent landscapes from different biomes and ecosystems, conveniently split horizontally so you can flip the page and dip under the ocean’s surface, peer through mountain caves, or go underground in the forest. We loved the perspective of the split-level scenes; mostly because that view isn’t something we get to experience everyday, but also because it conveniently shows a holistic picture of the plants and animals that inhabit these places. I mean how neat is it to see a zebra drinking from a waterhole in the Savannah while simultaneously watching the snakes and crocodiles who live underneath the surface of that same waterhole?

Aside from the stunning imagery, there are also a ton of short but fun facts about animals and plants along with great vocabulary about each habitat.

Above and Below by Patricia Hegarty, illustrated by Hanako Clulow.

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