This weekend brought more snow, sleet and ice to our cozy corner of Michigan. We were without power for most of the afternoon so we cracked open our latest library find.


LEAF is a stunning and sensitive story of a displaced polar bear who washes up on the shores of the wild wood unexpectedly one day. The other local animals avoid the polar bear and think the worst of him without giving him a chance… they even go as far as naming him Leaf because of his odd habit of collecting leaves, and due to the fact that they really want him to leave.

Leaf quietly collects flowers and leaves and attempts to craft a set of wings to fly home. After many incredible attempts at flying free, a few of the animals finally step up and help, and eventually Leaf gets home.

LEAF is both a heartwarming and powerful tale that should be retold to each generation to come. Different is not necessarily bad, it can be so beautiful if you just accept it. 🧡

Inspired by LEAF and with a grocery store flower bouquet in hand; we made some water color paintings using leaves, buds and flowers as our brushes. The texture and mess was incredibly fun, even if our results aren’t nearly as beautiful as the illustrations in the book. We will definitely be painting with flowers again, the girls loved it!

Leaf by Sandra Dieckmann.

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