Come Home Already!

Sometimes you just need some alone time, it’s the best way to reflect and clear your mind. But when Bear takes off on a solo fishing trip, his friend Duck just doesn’t know what to do without him. Bear’s trip turns into a bit of a disaster, but lucky for him Duck comes to save the day and keep Bear company.


“I’ll always be by your side, Bear. Always and forever.”


This one is incredibly fun to read aloud to your little ones, as Duck’s erratic personality balances out Bear’s mellow attitude. The text is also written in a cheeky conversation style with both characters having their own font on each page, which makes it incredibly easy to read in different silly voices. And have you seen those illustrations?! The colors and format of each page are so engaging and warm, and the characters won us over from the moment we laid eyes on them. They’re friendly and funny, and full of personality!



How do you encourage some healthy alone time with your little ones?

Come Home Already! by Jory John and Benji Davies.

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