Hats Off to You

Hats are sort of a thing of the past it seems; hardly anyone dresses up with fancy hats and gloves anymore. Lucky for us, we were assigned the task of designing a Mary Poppins inspired hat for Miss I’s upcoming ballet recital and really enjoyed working together to create a hat all her own.


Once we cleaned up the flower petals and hot glue we pulled out this sweet book which features four unique friends as they search for the perfect hats for a special surprise. They each choose a hat after browsing the hat shop ‘Chez Chapeaux’ and then get to work styling and designing them. It’s not until the last page that you find out those special hats are a gift for their mothers, along with a special tea party to celebrate how wonderful they are.

“We Love our moms. 
Hats off to you! 
Thanks for everything you do.”

This is the perfect mother-daughter read along book for Mother’s Day next month! I’m thinking of holding a little hat designing party for my girls and then following it up with our own fancy tea party. As if we need an excuse to get out the fancy dishes and eat macarons all afternoon.

Hats Off to You! by Karen Beaumont, illustrated by LeUyen Pham.

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