Nothing Can Frighten a Bear

Nighttime frights can be a big deal to little people. We actually have two little ones who are afraid of the dark right now and this book certainly made us laugh away any thoughts of a bump in the night.


The bear family goes on a spectacular night-time adventure after Baby Bear awakes to a scary sound. The forest and animals take on a friendly warmth as they’re beautifully illustrated in the moonlight and glow of Daddy Bear’s lantern. After a false alarm scare, the bears return back home and settle back into bed when they realize Baby Bear’s snoring was the scary sound that woke him before.




The silliness of it all and the happy images of the bear family paints a wonderful scene for my little ones to fall asleep to. Most definitely a positive spin on any scary thoughts that once plagued their sweet little minds.

Nothing Can Frighten a Bear by Elizabeth Dale, illustrated by Paula Metcalf.

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