Stone Soup

I can’t think of a better way to spend a chilly spring day than making stone soup! Our girls are on spring break this week and we have no travel plans, which means mama has to pull out all the magical activities while we’re home.


Miss I has been talking nonstop about the book Stone Soup after reading it in her Kindergarten class recently. We checked out our own copy (although not the version I cherished as a child, still good) from the library and chopped, peeled and simmered the afternoon away. And yes, we really did use a stone in our soup; one from the beaches of Petoskey, Michigan.


The message of solidarity and sharing is strong and meaningful; my older girls picked up on that straightaway. They also loved chanting the verse;

“Bring what you’ve got!
Put it in the pot!
We’re making stone soup!”


Cooking together was amazing today, it needs to happen more I’m realizing. And to mama’s delight, everyone finished their entire bowl of soup! I’m guessing that the satisfaction of making it themselves was a genuine motivator, and for that I consider this activity/meal/lesson a #momwin.


Do you cook with your children? 🍅🥔🌽🥕🥦

Stone Soup retold by Heather Forest, illustrated by Susan Gabler.

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