Too Many Carrots

We’ve had this book on loan from the library for weeks… it’s loved too much to send back just yet. This would have been an adorable addition to our Easter baskets this year, had I planned further in advance. Either way; the story is perfect for my girls who love to hang onto the smallest things, even when they’ve long been forgotten or discarded.


With help from his friends, Rabbit learns that hoarding carrots can be an incredibly destructing habit, and in the end it’s obvious that he should just enjoy them in the company of his very dearest companions. It’s a great life lesson for all of us about sharing our lives and most treasured things with our dearest friends. Use the special china for tea, bring out that fancy dress just because, or go on that adventure you’ve been pining for!

Even though this story features a lovable bunny, it’s not Easter specific, which makes it lovely to read any time of the year! 🥕

Too Many Carrots by Katy Hudson.

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