The Little House

Originally published in 1942, this classic about a pretty pink house carries so many valuable life lessons. I remember reading this as a child and loving the happy personality of the Little House.


She enjoys the most beautiful seasons and a quiet life in the country before her surroundings begin to change. Roads are built, houses and neighborhoods begin to develop and a bustling city eventually swallows her up. It’s a great teaching opportunity for school age children who are learning about the progress of urbanization. I think it highlights urban, suburban, and rural communities very nicely, and has a happy little ending.


Side note: the illustrations of the rural scenes bear a similar resemblance to the wallpaper that used to hang in my grandma’s kitchen when we were growing up. I think that nostalgia is another reason why I love this book so much. Do you ever have little moments that make you recall your childhood so vividly like that?





The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton.

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