The Baby Tree

My littlest lady is two years old and completely smitten with babies. She’s such a good mama to her baby dolls and always wants to greet all the babies we see while out and about. She actually picked this book out during our last library trip, even though this will be the second time it’s been home with us, no surprise. When we first read it together I was expecting some mythical tale about a tree that produced babies, but no my friends, this book addresses the infamous question; “where do babies come from?”.


While I will admit I was a little thrown off my game and partially in shock at first, I quickly realized how sweet and gentle this book portrays such an amazing phenomenon to tiny people, including my 2, 5, and 7 year olds. The story follows a boy as he talks to various adults about where babies come from. You get the typical seed, egg, hospital, and stork answers from them and then learn in the end how it really works, minus the finite details. We’ve really come to love the book and haven’t had any awkward moments while reading it… but just in case, there is a section in the back about answering those questions in an age-appropriate way.

What’s your take on the age-old birds and bees conversation?

The Baby Tree by Sophie Blackall.

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