This Beautiful Day

Our library loot from Monday included this rainy day title which seemed appropriate since we’re nearing the wet season here in Michigan (no mind the fact that today is 60 and sunny). Either way, rain or no rain, this book makes us grin from ear to ear. The title was the first thing that grabbed my attention, but the somewhat neutral cover artwork did not quite match. Once we flipped through it was very evident that there was a reason for this; as you turn each page and follow along with a family during a dreary day, splashes of color are added and vibrant hues begin to light up the landscape. The message hit home with us; no matter the weather, THIS day is a beautiful day!


It really is the perfect addition to our lot of spring books that we’re starting to pull out of hibernation. And also, a great reminder to parents during those really tough times when the day feels like a disaster… THIS day is a beautiful day!


In honor of our beautiful day today, Miss A and I made some colorful spin art creations (using our ALEX Toys Fantastic Spinner). Hopefully they will brighten our day tomorrow when cooler temps and more snow touches down.


This Beautiful Day by Richard Jackson, illustrated by Suzy Lee.

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