Maurice the Unbeastly

We’re trying hard to grow positive self-esteem and confidence in our girls, especially for Miss I who started kindergarten this year and tends to hide in the crowd at times. She’s experiencing all sorts of new things and I can completely relate, it can be overwhelming.


This book fell into our laps at the perfect time, during a weekend run to the bookstore where we were searching for a sweet distraction from our weekly hustle and bustle.


Maurice is a monster, but he’s really not like the other monsters at his school who prefer snarling and scaring over singing and manners. In the end Maurice proves that being different isn’t a bad thing, and that differences should be celebrated! The bold and graphic illustrations hold a friendly feeling and the color scheme of reds, greens and charcoal tie everything together beautifully while still highlighting each unique beast. I wish I could hang up prints of Maurice all over our home as a constant reminder that we’re all a little weird.


Maurice the Unbeastly by Amy Dixon, illustrated by Karl James Mountford.

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