Lola Dutch

Lola Dutch we ♥️ you so much! My girls and I initially fell in love with the cover art, but the entire story is one to keep near and dear to our hearts. Lola embodies the finest parts of all three of my children; creative, imaginative, sensitive and joyful. We loved how passionate Lola was about making everyday things fancy and extravagant. I won’t spoil the end, but it rings true that sometimes you just need some of your most simple comforts at the end of the day.


As an art major; I also appreciate the nod to classic artists depicted on quite a few pages. Those renderings were a great talking point for my little ones and launched us into deeper conversations on Monet, Matisse and Michelangelo. Sarah Jane Wright has a beautiful illustrative style that makes us want to jump into each page and live there forever. We especially loved all of the extra details that were tucked into the reverse side of the book jacket. So clever!

We loved reading about Lola’s adventures in her first book and look forward to what hopefully becomes many more!

Lola Dutch by Kenneth & Sarah Jane Wright.

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