Polly’s Pink Pajamas

It’s the weekend friends! Which means my littles will no doubt be spending most of day in pajamas. My 5-year-old, Miss I, is especially fond of jammies, and I often think this book was written just for her.


Polly is a sweet little girl with a perfect pair of pink pajamas. Great right?! However, Polly gets invited to Fred’s party and struggles to find something to wear. Nothing is quite right… until she figures out its a pajama party! Perfection! There are a few repeating patterns throughout the book, which makes it easy to pick up for early readers.

The part my little ladies love the most is the last page when all of Polly’s friends are celebrating at Fred’s party in their favorite pajamas while eating pizza.

Polly’s Pink Pajamas by Vivian French, illustrated by Sue Heap.

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