This book is a match made in heaven for anyone who’s ever claimed glitter as their favorite color. Gloria is an upbeat rhino who loves showing off her sparkle throughout town, although not everyone shares her love for the stuff. Gloria doesn’t care, she unknowingly spreads her glittery goodness all over everyone, but it turns out a little extra glitter isn’t such a bad thing after all. This story has a simple message, but the illustrations would make anyone dance with joy… and did I mention there is embossed glitter on every single page?


It’s a great reminder that you shouldn’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle.


Glitter by Stella J. Jones, illustrated by Judi Abbot.


Story Art Inspiration: Marble Paintings

We had a lot of fun with this one; probably because it involved rainbow colors and glitter. Miss E was right by my side, eager to help and try out new techniques. My other two littles completed one painting and then were off to other things.


We intentionally chose colors to match some of the characters in the book, and then we added pink glitter to only one of the colors. It was setup to be sort of an experiment; to see what would happen when the glittery pink paint hit all the other colors. Where would it end up, and would you see it?

We tried placing the paint-coated marbles in the middle of the paper, then along the sides and finally all on one side. It was interesting to see the different patterns, and all three girls really enjoyed shaking the box to make the marbles move. You could easily make this as easy or difficult as your child’s abilities allow.

Step 1: Gather your supplies! You’ll need a sturdy cardboard box, muffin tin, paints (highly recommend washable), marbles, masking tape, paper and glitter. Tape your paper on each side to the bottom of the cardboard box. We used our leftover Literati box and it could not have been a better fit. Pour a small amount of paint into the muffin tins and add one marble to each color.



Step 2: Drop your marbles, one by one, into the box and then shake, tilt or swirl them around. Use up lots of paper, experiment, go crazy! We used our hands to plop the marbles into the box, but you can certainly use spoons too. This is where the washable paint comes in handy… those marbles can be slippery!


Step 3: Once your painting is complete, remove it and lay flat to dry.


Optional: We found that adding a dusting of glitter after the marble step was done provided an extra sparkly finished piece. We loved the results, and highly recommend it. Once your art is dry, you can cut out shapes or make fancy cards with them. Miss E drew Gloria the Rhinoceros and pasted her on top of one of the finished paintings. Miss I cut out a giant heart and taped it to her bedroom door. With some of our scrap pieces we assembled a heart garland that is strung along our mantle for Valentine’s Day.



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