Love Monster and the Last Chocolate

Love Monster has been a familiar face in our house for a few years now, so when we spotted the newest Love Monster and the Last Chocolate… into our basket it went. It’s a sweet story following the infamous Love Monster as he returns from vacation to find a box of chocolates at his doorstep. Love Monster struggles to decide if he should share the chocolates with his friends or not. A surprise ending leaves Love Monster realizing that his friends were the ones who chose to share the last chocolate with him! A must read for those budding little friendships on Valentine’s Day and always. ❤️


Love Monster and the Last Chocolate, by Rachel Bright.


Story Art Inspiration: Love Monster Sun Catcher

These contact paper sun catchers are very easy to prep, practically mess-free and still a lot of fun–which is why we tend to do a lot of these.

Step 1: Gather your supplies. You’ll need 2 pieces of clear contact paper (for the front and back), black and white construction paper, and some red tissue paper. Tape down the corners of your contact paper to ensure it doesn’t move around or stick to your little artist.

Step 2: I freehanded the monster head onto a black piece of construction paper and then cut it out. I also precut his eyes, brows, mouth and teeth to keep things simple, but you could certainly let your littles help with this step too. While they’re at it, let your little ones cut some red tissue paper into small squares. The nice thing about the Love Monster; he’s not perfect, so jagged edges or ripped piece of paper work really well here!

IMG_3947_e.jpgStep 3: Assemble! Everything should go face down in order to achieve a nicely layered look at the end. We glued the three layers of eyes together before sticking them face down on our monster–just to keep everything in place.

Love Monster step 1Step 4: Once your monster’s face is stuck to the contact paper add in piece of the red tissue paper. Sometimes it’s also helpful to tape your monster to a window at this phase. By doing so, you allow your little one to see where they need to add more red tissue and preview what the monster will look like in the sunlight.

Love Monster step 2Step 5: Almost done! Cover the entire monster with the second piece of contact paper and press all of the bubbles out. It’s okay if there are wrinkles or a few bubbles, you won’t see this side of the piece once it’s hanging in your window. Then flip your monster around and admire!

Optional: you can also draw in extra features or textured fur with a black sharpie once you’re done. We added a sparkly heart to the front of our Love Monster, so he resembled the book more closely. Miss I decided to make a blue Love Monster instead, and Miss E decided to add a heart nose. Also… disregard my dirty windows, we’re still in hibernation over here in Michigan.


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