Lily the Unicorn

Dallas Clayton does it again! If you’re not already following him, go now! Our family loves all of Dallas’s books and illustrations because they’re quirky, fun, and completely original. Lily the Unicorn is a spunky-sweet addition to our collection of books about embracing change and finding your true self. It’s currently a permanent fixture next to my 5 year old’s bed. ✨


I love the dedication at the beginning of the book; “To anyone who’s ever felt different“.

In some regards, Lily is a lot like Miss I; she likes to make things and is always so happy and silly. However, Miss I can also be quite shy most times, and afraid to take chances. In that way, I think she also relates to the pessimistic penguin, Roger, Lily’s new friend. Lily and Roger teach us a lot about friendship, trying new things, and discovering that the world can be filled with amazing people and fun adventures.

Lily the Unicorn by Dallas Clayton

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