Beautiful Oops!

Learning to overcome perfection is hard. Miss E went through a phase in preschool where none of her work was good enough. She would erase and erase until the paper was thin and nothing good came of it. This interactive little book was our saving grace a few years ago and is doing its duty once again, for Miss I, who is going through the same phase.


As an artist myself, I don’t ever want them to focus on perfection, but instead on satisfaction and learning. I always want them to know there will be a solution to their challenges, even if it’s not what they had originally imagined. That is the beauty of art and life, it’s unexpected and imperfect, but the journey is more than worth it.


After we read the book we pulled out the oil pastels and went to town. It was a much needed escape from our day and I think everyone learned a little bit along the way.

Beautiful Oops! by Barney Saltzberg.

Story Art Inspiration

Some days when life gets a bit frustrating we pull out markers or crayons and make scribble monsters. Have you ever done this with your little one? It’s so easy and gets a lot of frustration out. This probably qualifies as more of an activity than a craft, but it’s fun anyway and sometimes some really cool pieces can come of it.

Step 1: Take your crayon and scribble—go wild and don’t follow any rules. Get all of your negative feelings out and leave them with that little monster on the paper.

Step 2: Step back and admire it, then figure out what he or she should look like. If you look hard, you can sometimes see the natural curve of an eyebrow or shoulder.

Step 3: Add on! Add some eyes, a silly nose and maybe a yucky wet tongue. This monster is yours; it can have three legs or none, spots or spikes, or whatever you want!

Step 4: Once your monster is done, move on. We always find it easier to get back on track once the activity is done—with our minds calm and our hearts happy.

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