Pantone: Colors

This book makes my graphic designer heart squeal with joy. It was one of the first I purchased when I was expecting Miss E, and is still going strong 7 years later. I love the basic color introduction it provides to little ones and the opportunity to learn the names of so many other shades in between.


Our favorite page happens to be the sleek characters and objects that are cleanly illustrated at the back of the book. With the perfect amount of white space around each random object or character and those colors… My OCD tendencies have been satisfied.


Even though the format is setup for the youngest of readers, my two school age girls love this book as well. Sometimes we’ll pull it down from the book shelf and use the swatches to mix up matching shades of watercolor. It’s a fun challenge to try and add little bits of colors to get that perfect shade. And of course everyone has their own favorite shade; mine happens to be Orchid Purple.



Pantone: Colors by Pantone, illustrated by Helen Dardik.

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